About us

Bas van Westing

Your typical all-rounder with all the needed skills to turn a business wish into a maintained IT solution.

Bas incorporates business processes quickly, placing all aspects into a bigger picture and constructing a solid overview. This allows him to actively participate in the search for added value together with the business.

His solutions are always focussed on flexibility and low cost of change. Bas has a lot of experience in Corporate IT and is driven by the knowledge that these IT solutions can be much better.


Marek de Heus

Marek started writing code at the age of 11 on a Commodore 64, moved on to robots, mainframes and web applications.

He has experience with large scale systems, cryptography, devops and agile methodologies. He is a strong believer in test driven development.

Marek has helped numerous startups create and grow their system.

He switched from Java to Ruby back in 2004 and started working with Rails in 2005. Nowadays Marek primarily codes in Ruby and co-organizes the Den Haag Ruby user group.


Petrik de Heus

Development generalist with a broad interest in technology, who loves clean code and learning new things.

Having worked on everything from legacy applications for large organizations to small applications for startups, he has seen what works and what doesn't.

Petrik codes mostly in Ruby using agile development methodologies and a Mac. He has contributed to many open source projects and co-organizes the local Ruby user group.


Sander Peters

Experienced consultant focussed on bridging the gap between information and technology.

He believes that technology should align itself with the business process instead of the other way around. Sander can easily translate business needs to IT solutions and often sees opportunities that customers are not aware of.

Sander has experience with large international projects, knowledge management systems and workflow systems.



DenHaag.rb Ruby user group

Every two months we organize denhaag.rb, an informal meeting where developers can learn from each other. We currently have over 90 members.

Our doors are open for anyone to join. Just find out where the next meeting is and show up.

Open Source

We have created the Simple State Machine gem (more than 16000 downloads) and Table builder plugin (featured in Railscast #213 ).

We have also contributed to Metric Fu, Try Ruby and other projects.