WLR LC Order Manager

A portal for creating and tracking KPN WLR LC orders.

We have built a complete portal with workflow engine that connects directly to KPN's API. It makes creating, tracking and managing of orders easy and efficient.

Please contact us for more details.

Community portal National Initiative Brain and Cognition

"Many scientists who study the human brain and cognition, have little knowledge of what their peers are doing. How can we improve this?"

We advised to use social media to bring these scientists closer together.

The result is a community portal where scientists users can share news, events, publications, chat and track progress of research projects. There are private groups for protected information sharing. Users can search content and use a unique "find the expert" feature.

Network topology, bandwidth extraction & enrichment

"How much bandwidth can we deliver on the copper DSL network?"

This is a question every DSL service provider and consumer has.

The application uses data collected from active network elements and advanced TNO algorithms to predict the attainable bandwidth for several DSL technolgy types.

When entering your address in one of the many internet service providers in the Netherlands, there is a good chance the resulting bandwidth is calculated by our application.

(Actual screenshot undisclosed)


"Allowing children to pick what they want to do, and share what they've done"

Bordfolio is a digital portfolio and planboard for schools.

Bordfolio allows teachers and children to easily upload images and movies to a childs portfolio. They can tag themselves and others, add comments and share it with others.

On the planboard children can select what actvities they want to do.

Bordfolio works on the smartphone, tablet, Mac and PC. meer


"We create and manage online ads for our clients. Every month I spend a lot of time on reporting how the ads have performed. There must be an easier way to do this..."

Many search engine marketeers (SEMs) face this problem, every month. A typical report takes 30 minutes to create by hand. If you have more than 100 clients, this is no fun.

We have built CampaignCoach, a software as a service (SaaS) solution that automates Adwords reports creation.

It allows SEM's to create beautiful white label reports for their clients in a fraction of the time.